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Adding notes

Once you’ve linked a site to a monitor, you have the ability to append notes to it, serving either as personal reminders or for sharing crucial information among colleagues (or your support department). This feature is available starting from version 1.3.0.

Please note: this is a premium functionality, don’t have premium yet? You can buy a license here.

1. Go to your monitor site

First, head over to the site which acts as your monitor and log into the WordPress admin.

2. Open a site on the wp-admin

Next, click on the “Sites” post type and open up the site you’ve linked.

3. Write a site note

The Gutenberg block contains a rich text editor in which you can write your notes. You can insert code snippets, apply text effects such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, highlights, subscript, superscript and apply text language/direction.

4. All done!

Your sites overview should now show you the note you’ve just written.