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Adding maintainers

Once you’ve connected a site to a monitor you can add maintainers to identify who’s responsible for maintaining the site.

Please note: this is a premium functionality, don’t have premium yet? You can buy a license here.

1. Go to your monitor site

First, head over to the site which acts as your monitor and log into the WordPress admin.

2. The maintainers taxonomy

Now click on the “Sites” post type, you should now see a “Maintainers” taxonomy, click on it to view its settings. This page is where you can manage your maintainers (these could be the names of your colleagues).

3. Assigning maintainer(s) to a site

Now head over to a site and open the Site panel on the right. You should see a “Maintainers” panel. Select a maintainer (or plural) and hit save.

4. All done!

Your sites overview and a site’s detail page should now show you it’s maintainer(s).